G430 - G440 Bamboo Stakes

Mondi Bamboo Stakes Natural Color

  • Convenient 3’, 4’, 5', and 6' lengths for staking delicate or heavy plants in your garden
  • All natural bamboo stakes with no artificial coatings or colouring
  • Perfect supports for creating trellises for creepers and vines, or train them along fences or walls
  • Sold in handy packages of 20 or 25 stakes
Description: Bamboo Stakes 3' 8-10MM
Model No: PSB8-3
Color: Natural
Height (ft): 3'
Weight (per pack) (kg): 0.55kg
Per pack: 25
Description: Bamboo Stakes 4' 8-10MM
Model No: PSB8-4
Color: Natural
Height (ft): 4'
Weight (per pack) (kg): 0.85kg
Per pack: 25
Description: Bamboo Stakes 5' 8-10MM
Model No: PSB8-5
Color: Natural
Height (ft): 5'
Weight (per pack) (kg): 0.95kg
Per pack: 20
Description: Bamboo Stakes 6' 10-12MM
Model No: PSB10-6
Color: Natural
Height (ft): 6'
Weight (per pack) (kg): 1.35kg
Per pack: 20

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